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About Us


Viaota global connectivity solutions were built by the combined effort of top-of-the-field specialists in global roaming technology, customer support & telecommunications. The shared goal of our enterprise is straightforward: a viable & constantly reliable network connection for anyone in the world wherever they’d be. After meeting our initial targets Viaota grew to accommodate the ever changing needs of our customers, community, and employees. Today, Viaota delivers global roaming connectivity and management solutions for international sim cards to business and residential customers alike. While we focus on serving our customers with advanced communications and entertainment technology, one thing has remained the same since our inception – our superior customer service and unmatched responsiveness.


Our vision: a reliable method to stay connected wherever you go anywhere on the planet. Our mission is to provide peace of mind to our customers by delivering reliable, industry-leading technology for all your global connectivity needs: entertainment, safety and communication. We strive to understand our customers’ needs and concerns when tailoring the perfect, affordable solution for their home or business. With Viaota roaming plan you can take advantage of our 350+ roaming partners in over 220 global destinations. We constantly improve our roaming footprint, focusing on data and prepaid. Voice and SMS roaming are enabled in virtually every country in the world, and data in over 140 countries. We are continuously improving ourselves to bring our lofty vision to life.

Convenience at Your Disposal

Convenience is a cornerstone and the central pillar in Viaota’s design philosophy: no roaming fees, no manual switching between different local networks, & no hassle of any kind. Our pre-paid cards and cost-effective approach allows Viaota to deliver the data to 115+ countries and deliver the highest quality convenience you need.

Why Viaota?

Your Reliable Partner Across the Globe.

World is Changing

As the world becomes increasingly more interconnected, a reliable network connection across different borders becomes a must have. Travellers, tourists or businesses alike all need a single solution which allows them to operate hassle-free wherever they currently are. Viaota offers just just that + stable, secure connectivity across the board. Viaota’s innovative culture has been preparing for growing cross-border data needs for decades. Our network is designed and constructed with scalability in mind.

Reliable Speed

We understand that the modern world is constantly in the flux and you need to work quickly either to stay on top of your personal life or in order to service your customers and compete with your competition. You need the ability to upload just as fast as you download, have clear communication without dropping calls or freezing video conferences. Viaota provides stable 4G/LTE speed available for fast internet in all of the supported regions worldwide. You will be able to run your business over your cloud applications and streaming devices without fearing constant disconnects and glitchy communication.

Small but powerful

Viaota helps you to stay connected to more than 350 networks in 135+ different countries. This is an all-in-one package, meaning that you will not need to manage different contracts, customer portals or different contact lists for each individual country. We offer a singular, all-encompassing coverage at affordable costs.

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