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Unlimited entertainment online at your fingertips

Everything you need from your internet on the GO!

From streaming your favorite sports matches and shows to video calling your family, friends, make the most of your internet connection with great deals on fast internet.

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Just as powerful as your home Wi-Fi

Viaota allows you to keep up with friends and family wherever you are

With 350 networks in 112+ countries, you can get online with zero fuss. And because Viaota is just as fast as your home Wi-Fi, there’s no limits on what you can browse or do.

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Viaota means you can get online hassle-free while you travel.

Keep in touch with friends, share your photos, browse restaurants – whatever you need to do online, you can do it easily with Viatoa’s stable, reliable 4G connection.

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Standard Package

  • 3GB Europe
  • 3GB USA
  • 3GB Middle East
  • 3GB Asia Pacific
$39 97 /month
$19 98 /month

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Advanced Package

  • 5GB Europe
  • 5GB USA
  • 5GB Middle East
  • 5GB Asia Pacific
$59 98 /month
$29 99 /month

Executive Package

  • 10GB Europe
  • 10GB USA
  • 10GB Middle East
  • 10GB Asia Pacific
$85 98 /month
$42 99 /month

For whole families

Shopping, movies, online games, Youtube & video calling on multiple devices at once. Fast and stable speed to boot!

For easy internet on holiday

For home learners

Online lessons, video consultations & collaborative tasks on a single file? Focus on learning with a connection you can rely on.

For entertaiment seekers

For sports fans

Live video streaming of sports matches: football, hockey, tennis, basketball and other sports! Watch your favourite matches live.

For travelers

Small but powerful

Viaota helps you to stay connected to more than 350 networks in 112+ different countries. This is an all-in-one package, meaning that you will not need to manage different contracts, customer portals or different contact lists for each individual country. We offer a singular, all-encompassing coverage at affordable costs.

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