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Easily Avoid Direct Contact With Germs The No-Touch Copper Tool You've Been Waiting For
MUAMA Clean Key: A One-Stop Germ Protection Solution Here’s Why Customers Love It: How often do you wash your hands? Many of the germs that make us sick can live on hard surfaces for up to 4 or 5 days! Every time we press an elevator button, use an ATM or simply touch a keyboard we expose ourselves and our loved ones to the dangers that should be preventable. MUAMA Clean Key is an ergonomic one-stop germ protection solution made from highest quality germicidal materials and designed for your everyday use. Thanks to this pocket-sized innovation you don’t have to put yourself or your family in danger ever again!
  • Germ-Killing Protection: Clean Key is made of the highest quality copper material (99.9%). Copper is inherently antimicrobial: it kills bacteria and viruses + unlike other cheap metals it is continuously self-sanitizing.
  • Keeps You Safe: MUAMA Clean Key is perfect for door handles, locks, touchscreens, buttons and all other things that we - and thousands of strangers - MUST touch every day. Take control of your everyday safety!
  • Portability & Comfort: Take it anywhere! Clean Key takes less space than a credit card. You can attach it to your keychain, belt loop or a purse. Clean Key is ergonomically designed innovation with an extra comfortable grip for all ages and hand sizes.

Here’s Why Customers Love It

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Michael G Great quality - it can be used as a stylus! I was afraid I would still need to touch touchscreens etc but this take care of that too. Well done!

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Ruth K Very happy with my purchase. Very versatile! I take it everywhere now. At my age doctor’s visit is almost daily and you know how much germs are at the clinic. Now I don’t have to touch anything anymore

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Liam S Did exactly what it said it would: I used it on door, ATMs, elevators and it is almoist as small as regular key! Really happy with this purchase, esp. These days

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Melinda S This little buddy saved me for a constant struggle of trying to sterilize my door handles, not touching buttons and stuff like that. It is almost impossible to keep my hands clean at all time but now I don’t even have to try! It looks a bit weird, but very functional, like a Swiss knife.

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Laura D Love it! Fits in my pocket and now I have one less worry about germs. Bought some for my kids too. Recommended!

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George L At first I was unsure about the size and sturdiness - opening doors with this? C’mon. Surprisingly it works really well and is sturdy as heck! Comfortable too. It was an impulse purchase, but now I’m quite happy with it. Good product, useful.

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